Best Cards for Arena 4 in Clash Royale!

Giant:The Giant is used as a tank and soak up damage for your musketeers.
Three Musketeers: The Three Musketeers are your main damage dealers.They are placed behind the giant.
Zap: The Zap is mainly used as defense.It counters goblins and Minions.Since it is the only direct damage in this deck you should use it wisely.
Rage is obviously to increase the damage your push can deal.Only use it if you’re sure that you are Musketeers will survive.
Goblins:This card is used to cycle through your deck and as defense.They’re great to distract a P.E.K.K.A or a sparky for example. Barbs:Since fireball is a hard counter to this deck you can use barbs to bait it.They’re also great to counter Hog Rider or Royale Giant. Elixir Collector:ALWAYS pump up before you push. If you don’t play the Collectors and your opponent counter pushes you will not have any elixir to defend.
Ice Wizard:The Ice Wizard is great for defense.Ice Wizard + barbs can stop a lot of pushes.
General Gameplan: As mentioned above always pump before you push.You want to have at least one Collector down (better two) before you push.Once you think you have the elixir advantage drop your giant in the back behind your king tower.After that you drop your Musketeers behind your giant.If your opponent doesn’t counter push and your Musketeers are alive you can rage them.
Hard Matchups: -Fireball/Rocket:If your opponent has a Fireball you have to bait it out before you can place your Musketeers -Lightning:If you add an Ice Wizard to your Three Musketeer + Giant push the lightning will hit the Ice Wizard, the Giant,and 1 Musketeer. That means you will still have 2 Musketeers and 1 Giant, which can easily take a tower. Conclusion: Sadly, how well the deck works depends on what cards your opponents has.If he doesn’t use Fireball,Lightning or Rocket you will almost win certainly.In that case you can easily three crown them. Since the deck is so heavy it is not easy to play so it will take some time until you get used to it.A single mistake can cost you the game, so don’t go for risky plays.This deck is not one of those ‘instant arena 8 Meta’ decks but it is a lot of fun to play and that is the most important thing (for me at least).
My cards are 8/6/2 and im currently at 2500 trophies. I apologize for my bad English, I am not a native speaker.
Hoon – Best combo for Arena 4!

Hoon – Best combo for Arena 4!

The Hoon combo is a combination of the balloon and Lava Hound. The Tankiness of the hound is easily enough support the balloon so it can get to the tower, when the hound dies and spawns lava pups if the enemy used musketeer they will have a hard time killing the 6 lava pups, and then the balloon is still alive. If you can do this combo right you will be able to get a three crown victory in no time. The cards I use to support this combo are; – Wizard The Minion horde is the best counter against the “Hoon” so if you get this behind you have an almost unbeatable combo.


Poison Poison is great because it no only damages units but also slows attack speeds effectively increase hitpoints of your units. also the wizard is easily counter by ground troops so the poison if placed early can counter spear goblin minions and archers… leaves barbs and musketeer and wiz on low health. – Zap The Zap spell is in this deck as a cycling card and something that counters the sparky, and can really help against the princess if it’s a high enough level to one shot her. Its also useful against hordes of troops. The Zap spell is all round useful card that helps this deck out in every situation. – Barbarians VERY useful against big pushes, the most common card in high level decks, helps in small pushes. Great vs the hog rider, the pekka and all the other tanks. This card gives this deck synergy and an overall card that you use in any deck so it’s going to be useful if you use other decks then swap to this deck. – Minions Great counter to another air deck and very useful against tanks and allows this deck to cycle through. – elixir collector The card that keeps this deck cyclable and gives it a building, also one of the most useful cards in high arena’s. The play style of this deck is to either wait for x2 elixir or when you have 2-3 elixir collectors down. Play very defensive until you know their deck and then push them to no end. If you want anymore advice on the cards in this deck check out this link This deck is so strong against the meta decks at this current point in time due to meta decks not having enough air damaging troops so you big combo will blow them away. Would really appreciate a comment and tell me if this deck works for you. I am sorry if you don’t have the Lava Hound, if you don’t then the golem or the baby dragon are both useful. Thanks for reading this far.